SISC Courses

The curriculum is designed to expose graduate students to the state-of-the-art research skills and accumulate in-depth knowledge of advanced topics in chemistry, biology and macromolecular science.

Subject list in Master's Course
Course for Chemistry/ Biological Sciences/ Macromolecular Science

Basic Biology I & II

Introductory Biology

Biological Science I ~ XV

Biomolecular Chemistry*

Basic Macromolecular Science

Basic Chemistry I & II

Advanced Macromolecular Science I & II

Genome Chemistry*

Physical Organic Chemistry*

Protein Chemistry*

Quantum Chemistry*

Structural Thermodynamics*

Analytical Separation Chemistry*

Chemistry on Catalysis*

Natural Product Chemistry*

Organic Biochemistry*

Structural Organic Chemistry*

Topics in Inorganic Chemistry*

Advanced Chemical Experiment

Current Topics I ~ X

Interactive Seminar

Semestral Seminar 

* offered biennially

Subject list in Doctoral Course

Topical Seminar I ~ IV

Selected Current Topics in Science, Technology, and Society I & II

Seminar for Advanced Researchers