SISC is established in conjunction by three departments, Chemistry, Biological Sciences and Macromolecular Science, each of which covers a wide variety of RESEARCH GROUPS. Students are enrolled in one of the departments. 

Department of Chemistry (28 research groups)

  Inorganic Chemistry
  Physical Chemistry 
  Organic Chemistry 
  Interdisciplinary Chemistry
  Functional Material Synthetic Chemistry*
  Inorganic Compound Function*
  Biomolecular Structure*
  Highly Functional Material Properties**
  Functional Peptides**

Department of Biological Sciences (41 research groups)

  Molecular Cell Biology 
  Animal Developmental and Evolutionary Biology
  Plant Science 
  Signal Transduction Biology 
  Protein Structural Information Biology*
  Chemical Biology* **
  Life Sicences*  

Department of Macromolecular Science (11 research groups)

  Macromolecular Synthesis and Reactions
  Macromolecular Structure, Properties, and Functions 
  Macromolecular Assemblies 
  Informative Polymer Science*
* -  Course provided in cooperation with other departments of Osaka University
** - Course provided in partnership with research institutes outside the university