Messages from SISC students

  Byron Morris (USA), Department of Biological Sciences 

   Hello, everyone. My name is Byron Morris and I am from the USA.  How I came to Japan started with my interest in biology during my undergraduate studies, in which I was able to gain and understand the fundamentals of biology. My interests became clearer that I wanted to study proteins.I soon realized that Eastern Oregon University does not offer a graduate program for molecular and cellular biology. This led me to look elsewhere for this particular field. I was excited when I found news that I was accepted to Osaka University. It was a good way to explore Japan and pursue my interests. 

Since living in Japan, I have grown as an individual. One of the ways I have grown is studying at Osaka University, which has allowed me to hone in my skills in research as I pursue my interests. I have learned that it takes dedication and patience to make progress in research. In order to progress in research, the collection of many results are needed for a deeper understanding about the subject. This was an essential part in order to gain better techniques in research. As I continue my research, I would like to complete my master degree at Osaka University.

As a student at Osaka University has given me the opportunity to establish friends from different countries and gain a larger aspect about many different views and opinions. I always enjoy meeting new people and exploring different topics about life in Japan and sharing similar or different experiences. Also, I enjoy learning more about other cultures and customs. This has allowed me to broaden my understanding about different people and different places.

Living in Japan has opened the doors to learn more about the culture, festivals and food. Each year I enjoy attending festivals that represent a special occasion. One of my favorite times is during summer because of the spectacular firework display. Also, I enjoy going with friends to a 焼肉 (やきにく) restaurant and eating dinner together. Overall, my experience in Japan have been pleasant and rewarding. Making friends and enjoying the experiences together has made Japan a great experience. I would like to make it my ambition to continue living in Japan to be able to continue making good memories. 

posted on October 31, 2016

Fatma Yesil (France), Department of Chemistry

  Hello, I am Fatma, a 3rd year PhD student at the laboratory for analytical chemistry, graduate school of science. I aimed to study abroad not only for seeking knowledge but also for seeing new people, and culture. During my stay, I learned more about myself, gained confidence, and grew my independence. I choose to come to Japan because it was a safe and clean country, having a different and beautiful culture, and Japanese was known to be very kind. I first came to Osaka University as an exchange student for 6 months. I found that my life here was very interesting, so I decided to continue into my PhD study. On top of that, Osaka University was a well-known and well-ranked university. I liked the school system; I was free to schedule my experiments, my work time and my free time. I appreciate the opportunities that being here, meeting with professors around the world, attending conferences at other universities. Sometimes, I felt that the required work was hard. However, I learned how to manage my schedule.

My laboratory life has been very interesting, but I felt a need of having social activities. I took a Japanese class once in a week. In the class, I could meet new people from other departments, academic years and countries. After the Japanese class, I entered the pottery club where I could learn how to handle clay by interacting with Japanese students. All of my social activities helped me to think better for my research.


So far, I think I have done my best in my research and accumulated priceless memories. There are, of course, ups and downs in life, but the university provides me the needed help to get over the problems.

posted on October 28, 2016


Kang Ying (Malaysia), Department of Chemistry 

  The research field is my main priority when it comes to choosing an institution for my further studies. I wanted to make sure that I am entering into a field that my country does not offer. I have settled with Osaka University as it caters for my field of interest and the fact that Japan is close to my home country is an added point.

I would say that the working environment in a Japanese laboratory is a pleasant one. It is very interesting to see how the educational system in Japan emphasizes the interdependence between people. The Japanese working culture in a laboratory encourages harmonious relationships between people and they see working in harmony as the crucial ingredient for working productively. This is the case for my laboratory, where professors and laboratory members are always very helpful and they are very experienced in their field to be able to provide valuable guidance. The intense research collaborations between laboratories in Osaka University with other renowned research institutes also provided me with the chance to meet and attend talks presented by famous professors.

My experience here has been a pleasant one so far. The university has a good support system for international students and they make sure to provide a comfortable environment for international students so that we can concentrate on our studies. Although most Japanese students and staffs understand basic English, mastering the Japanese language would definitely allow you to enjoy your experience here more.

 posted on October 28, 2016